Fire In the Woods


People think making a fire with matches and gasoline is easy, but what if you didn’t have those materials?

The hand drill starts by making a tinder nest.  You do this by making a nest out of dry grass, dry leaves, and dry bark.  The tinder nest is for the spark or ember into the nest to make a fire.

Next, get a piece of dry wood (a big piece) and then cut a “circle or a v” shape in the wood, and then cut another one adjacent to it, but make it small.

Then, put a good amount of dry bark under the piece of wood.  The bark will catch an ember from the friction between the spindle and the fireboard.

After that, get a stick that is about 2  1/2 feet long.  Then place it on the small cut of the wood.  Keep pressure on the wood and then start running your hand down the spindle and then start again from the top of the spindle and repeat his step until you see an ember in the fireboard.

Once you get the ember, quickly put it in your tinder nest and start blowing on it, and once you see your flame, put it on the ground and put sticks on it so it doesn’t burn out.


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