How to Hunt Small Game


The most common way of hunting small game is by using traps, low caliber guns, and calls.

Small game hunting is like big game hunting, but you normally don’t spot and stalk or sit in a stand. Most hunters like to call in bobcats, coyotes, lynx, raccoons, badgers, foxes, skunk, wolves, wolverine, mink, and then shoot them with a 22 caliber rifle, 243 caliber rifle, or a 17 hmr caliber rifle.

Calling in coyotes is really fun because they come in from all different directions and you always have to be ready. After 10 minutes of calling coyotes and you don’t see anything, get up and move to a different spot.  Also, that also goes with any small game animal.

Trapping animals is also fun, but you must check your traps 2 times a week. But, before you do any hunting, you have to get your trapping license and your forbearers license.  Game wardens can fine you a lot of money and even take away your hunting license.

Remember, get your license before you do any hunting!



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