How to Big Game Hunt


Elk in the Rocky Mountains.

The most common way of hunting is Big Game hunting. Big Game animals are Elk, Deer, Antelope, Bear, Mountain Lion, Bison, Oryx, and Sheep. Here are the best ways to hunt these animals.

Deer: Hunting deer is fun if you see some deer. The best way to hunt deer is from a ground blind or a tree stand. A ground blind is a blind that is on the ground, and a tree stand is basically a blind but in a tree. Beginners should hunt deer with a rifle, and as the years go by, you can hunt with a bow as you learn a little more.

Elk: The best time to hunt Elk is in September when they are in the rut. The rut for Elk is when the males try to find and fight with other males for  the females and mate. The best way to hunt Elk is spot and stalk. Spot and stalk is when you find the animal, and then you get as close as possible to make the shot.

Antelope:  This animal is one of the fastest land animals in the world. Because of this, spot and stalk isn’t the best way to hunt Antelope. The best way to hunt this animal is from a ground blind. But, you might have to sit in the 80-100 degree heat all day. In a ground blind, you can hunt them with either a bow or rifle.

Bear: People think that bears are extremely dangerous. But, Grizzly Bears are the bears that are dangerous if you threaten them. Black Bears are afraid of humans and won’t come close to you. This is why you should hunt bears in a tree stand.

Mountain Lion: The best way to hunt Mountain Lions are with hounds. Hound hunting Mountain Lions is when 5-10 hounds pick up the scent of the lion and go and try to find the lion and tree it. (Tree it) is when the hounds run the lion up a tree and bark unit the hunter reaches the tree.

Bison: The best way to hunt Bison is spot and stalk. The Bison is a very strong animal, so you have to make sure you have a strong enough firearm to put this animal down.

Oryx: The Oryx is a very skittish animal meaning that if it feels threatened, it will run away instantly. This is why you should use a rifle to take this magnificent animal down.

Sheep: Sheep such as Ibex and Barbary sheep like to walk on mountains that go straight up. For these animals, you should also use a rifle because it would be really hard to get close to these animals.

Again, beginners should start hunting with a rifle, not a bow.


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