How To Handle a Gun Properly


Remington, a gun company, lays out the different parts of their marketed rifle. Photo Credit to

Are you thinking about becoming a hunter anytime soon?  There are some very important steps you have to take, and the most important is gun safety.

The most important step of gun safety is muzzle control. You always have to know where you are pointing the barrel of any gun. If there is someone in front of you, point the gun to the sides or behind you, and if there is someone behind you, point the gun in front of your or to the sides. The next step is also very important. Always keep your finger off the trigger, and keep the gun in safe mode. You want to do this for your own safety to prevent any injury to yourself and/or others.

Never keep a bullet in the chamber of any gun. You should always keep the bullet out of the chamber of any gun because if you fall accidentally, the gun can shoot and if you’re in front of the gun, you will be hit by the bullet.

After you come back from a hunt or hike, make sure there isn’t a bullet in the chamber of the gun. You do this by opening the bolt action and point the gun up to the sky, and if you see daylight, there is no bullet in the chamber. If you do not see daylight, there is one in the chamber, so be careful.

That’s a good start to what you need to know about gun safety!


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